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Gray Washed World Market Coffee Table- Cameron Coffee Table Makeover

7th February 2016


Gray Washed World Market Coffee Table Makeover

I have seen a lot of World Market furniture via Pinterest and other social media sites and was totally bummed out that there wasn’t a store in Massachusetts.  Then one day I saw a picture of the Property Brothers on Instagram at the grand-opening of a World Market store in Framingham, Massachusetts, and I was so excited!  Finally, I could check out what all the hype was about.  Road trip time!

So I loaded up the kiddos and headed down there.  Sure enough there was beautiful housewares as far as the eye could see…and the prices were affordable!  But I haven’t had any reason to purchase a piece of furniture from there…until now.  

We have lived without a coffee table in the family room for a while now, because of safety reasons with our two-year-old son.  But now he is older and we are not as worried about major head injuries, so we decided to purchase a new coffee table to finish the space.  When I found this Cameron coffee table from World Market, I new it could work in the space.  I really like that it had room for storage baskets underneath.  Also the price was right at $229.99.


When I brought the coffee table home and assembled it, I realized I wasn’t crazy about some of the reddish-tones in the wood.  So I decided to tone-it-down with a gray-wash.  I had some left-over Annie Sloan chalk paint in French Linen from this project and I decided to try it out on the table.  

The process of a paint wash couldn’t be any simpler, I just added some water to the chalk paint until it was pretty liquidy in consistency (not an exact science), brushed it on the table in sections with a paint brush, and the immediately wiped it off with paper towels.  I really tried to work the paint into the grain of the wood when I was wiping it off.  Then I repeated the process to any areas of the wood that were particularly red-toned. Finally, I finished the table off with a coat of Annie Sloan’s clear wax.



I think the gray tones work better in the room with the paint color and the colors in the rug.  Also, I like how the black hardware on the table works with the lantern light fixture.


I am really pleased with how the table turned out, and it just goes to show that with a little paint and some elbow grease, you can transform a piece to fit your space and the look you are going for.


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Christmas Home Tour 2015

22nd December 2015


Christmas Home Tour 2015

Since I started blogging this summer, this is my first official holiday home tour! I tried to keep it simple this year, because I have a two-and-a-half-year-old who has a tendency to take down Christmas decorations and put them in the toilet….I wish I was joking.  So I only decorated my living room and dining room and tried to keep a fairly neutral, gold, silver, green color palate with some burlap and other natural elements.


The only DIY project I completed was embroidering these burlap stockings I purchased from Joanne fabrics for around $9 each.  I used some white embroidery floss and just embroidered the first initial of each family member on the stockings.

We cut down our Christmas tree at a local tree farm and when we brought it home, it had the most wonderful citrus aroma.  I really love the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree!



I spy our Elf on the Shelf “Elfie.”






Here is our Christmas Card this year. I spray painted wood letters I got from Michael’s to spell out “JOY,” in gold spray paint and then I repurposed them as decoration on my mantle. 

I skipped paying a professional photographer and just took my own photographs with my iPhone. If you want some tips on how to create a great Christmas card without breaking the bank check out this post.  


Merry Christmas!






Furniture Thrifting Friday- French Loveseat

11th December 2015


Furniture Thrifting Friday- French Loveseat

Because I love finding antique and vintage furniture to makeover, I decided to designate Friday as the day to share my awesome finds.  You know how children get so excited when that receive a new toy?  Well that is how I feel when I find a piece of antique furniture.  

Today I am sharing the little antique french loveseat I found on Craigslist this week for $100.  I have been searching Craigslist for a very long time to find a smaller scale loveseat that I can reupholster to fit our multipurpose office space, for some extra seating.   This will be the first larger scale upholstery project that Mr. Wilson and I will take on, and frankly I am a little frightened!  

french loveseat 2

You can see in the photos that the frame of the loveseat is really in excellent shape and really doesn’t need anything done to it, so we may consider leaving it natural and unpainted.

french loveseat 5

french loveseat 3

The cushions and fabric however, look like someone spilled a pot of coffee on it, or a cat peed on it.  Im hoping its not the latter of the two scenarios!


I have ordered a few fabric samples and will let you know when they come in so you can help me select the perfect fabric.  I really want to do something fun with this piece since it will be in our creative office space.  Maybe something like this Navy Polka Dot Alston Loveseat from PBteen?

polka dot loveseat


Have a great weekend!




I really love our current office space/den, which we remodeled a couple years ago.  It is a nice place to do work on the computer, sip my morning coffee and watch the news without my children hearing all the awful things going on in the world.   We have a separate family room that I will reveal at a later date that is designated as our relaxing play room/family space.  I have a two year-old that climbs on everything and can be pretty destructive, so the family room is our safe-haven for him.  

The problem is that during these long winter months in New England, being stuck in one room of the house is pretty restrictive for my toddler.  So I would like to figure out a way to incorporate a children’s area in our current office for him and my other children to color, play and be creative!

Here is what the office looked like when we bought it.  About a year after moving, we painted the walls Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, one of my favorite colors and also painted all the trim and crown molding Dove White by Benjamin Moore.

We also replaced the brown hollow wood door with a french door with glass panels to let some light in.  You can see I have the little french dresser in this space, which is nice for extra storage.  You can read about that makeover here.  

Here is a view of my cluttered desk.  I could use a little more organization for school papers and mail, along with a monthly calendar for writing down important dates.  We could also use storage for craft supplies and coloring books and some shelves to display framed photographs (like the photograph that is just resting on the bookshelf).


I wanted to show you this shot of the drapes that we installed a few years ago, we purchased them from Ikea and they were super-affordable.  If you need drapes and don’t have $$$ to spend, I would suggest looking at Ikea, they have a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

The train table and black leather chair are out for the new design of the room because they are just too large for the space.


Since this room is a creative space for the children, I would like to make the space a little more whimsical and funky than it is currently.  I will do this by bringing in some colorful elements including: playful lighting, artwork and fabrics.

So here is my wish list for this space:

  1. More storage and organization for craft supplies and office items
  2. Toy organization
  3. Small child’s table for crafts
  4. Fun art work
  5. Magnet board or chalkboard wall 
  6. Shelves for displaying framed photographs
  7. A book nook or window seat
  8. A funky lighting fixture and wall sconce for reading nook

Mood Board



  1. Re-purpose an old TV console we have into a window seat or nook by removing legs and adding cushion (my mother in-laws awesome idea)!
  2. Use Ikea curtains we already have for color inspiration
  3. Purchase funky lighting pendant to give the space a little bit of playfulness.
  4. Add a sconce light to illuminate the window seat and/or book nook area.
  5. Utilize existing rug from Overstock.
  6. Move Premiar map from Ikea (currently in my son’s room), into space for a focal point.
  7. Utilize child’s table in the space for coloring/art projects (we purchased this one a while ago from wayfair).
  8. Figure out some other seating for the space by searching Craigslist.

Like other rooms in my house that I have re-designed, I plan on spending a minimal amount of money by re-purposing items that I already own and being creative with money saving solutions!

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Dining Room Reveal-French Provincial Dining Set Makeover

3rd December 2015


Dining Room Reveal- French Provincial Dining Set Makeover

Finally the moment has arrived when I can finally reveal the french provincial dining table and six cane chairs that Mr. Wilson worked so hard to finish!   Since we are hosting Christmas dinner this year, I rushed to sew the skirts for the chairs and decided that for the sake of time, I would just reupholster the arm chairs in a gray linen fabric I found at Joannes.  I actually like the contrast of the gray fabric on the arm chairs, it makes the set a little unique and not so matchy-matchy. 


Here is a view of the back of the chair skirts I sewed from drop-cloths.  If you remember from this post, I used Miss Mustard seeds amazing tutorial on how to sew these little babies and I think it really dresses the chairs up!  


I used these drop cloths that I ordered from Amazon, which I bleached to give them a lighter look.  The chairs were sanded down and painted in Old White chalk paint by Annie Sloan.



I whitewashed the table top and painted the legs and base in Annie Sloan’s French Linen Chalk Paint, you can read about this transformation more in this post.


The following photos show how I set the table for Christmas, which is quickly approaching.  The little trees I found at the Target dollar bin section for $3 each.



The table runner and little gold candle holders are from Homegoods.


A simple and inexpensive Christmas centerpiece is a pretty bowl or tray filled with sparkly ornaments.  I received the glass bowl as a wedding gift and the large silver ball in the middle is from the Christmas Tree Shop.


This table is ready for a feast, now I just have to figure out what to cook!

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DIY American Girl Bakery with Craft Store Materials

2nd December 2015


DIY American Girl Bakery with Craft Store Materials


My daughter Sophie has recently taken an interest in American Girl dolls and is asking Santa Claus for the 2015 girl of the year “Grace Thomas.”  Apparently, Grace was motivated to start her own bakery with some friends after a trip to Paris, France.  The American Girl store sells Grace’s adorable French bakery for a wopping $500 and a smaller pastry cart for $150! Since Sophie and I love to bake, I decided to create a budget-friendly version of Grace’s bakery for some fun imaginary play.

For this project I used materials from Michaels craft store and Joanne Fabrics.  


-Half-size unfinished wood crate

-3 square long wood rods from Michaels (see picture below)

-4 rectangular wood boards from Michaels (see picture)

-Small hand saw

-Small screws

-Hot glue gun

-Paint of your choice (I used chalk paint and craft paint)

-Wood plaque


First Mr. Wilson assembled the basic frame of the bakery by attaching two square rods with small screws (using a drill) to each side of the back of the crate.


Then he attached one of the rectangular wood pieces to the top of the rods.  After that, I had him attach another rectangular piece on top of that piece so I could create an awning.


Here’s a side shot of the top and how it was attached to the frame.  Make sure to use small screws so that it does not break the wood when they get drilled.


At this point, my daughter said she wanted some shelves in her bakery and a longer counter to display the baked goods, so I purchased some additional items.  I used the square rod as the base for the shelves by cutting them to the right length using a hand saw and then hot glued them to the inside of the crate so the rectangular boards could sit on top of them as shelves.  I also had to cut off a few inches of the rectangular boards for them to fit horizontally in the crate.  

Lastly, I drilled the long plaque to the top of the crate to create a longer bakery counter…and yes I used a handsaw and drill myself…girl power!  My confidence with power tools is at an all-time high right now because all of my appendages are still intact after this project!


After the bakery was assembled, I painted it with a horrific shade of pepto pink and then was really questioning how this project was going to turn out.  So I decided to use some gray, white and black paint to create a marbled effect on the counter to break-up all the pink.  The awning is just black and white striped cardstock paper that I folded to create a canopy effect and hot-glued to the top wood

Here is a close-up of how the shelves were assembled.  I styled the counter and shelves with a few chalkboard easels and plaques that I found at Michaels.  The play bakery food I found on Amazon. dig-american-girl-doll-bakery


The little dessert stands are made from mirrors I got at Joanne Fabrics glued onto the plastic pillars that are used between layers of cakes.  You can find them here and the mirrors here. I painted them with acrylic craft paint.





I can’t wait for Christmas to come so that Sophie can play with her new Grace doll and pretend bakery.



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Affordable Living Room Design

18th November 2015


Today I wanted to share the progress that I have made with my living room re-design.  I was able stay on budget, by using items I already owned and completing a few DIY projects to save money. Nothing in this re-design cost me over $100 and the total cost was around $350.  At the end of this post, I will share each project and the cost breakdown per item.

Here is the mood board I created for the space.


Here are some photos of the finished space.



Here is the french country settee I painted and reupholstered, you can read that post here.


This is one of the cane chairs we reupholstered, which you can read about here and the boxwood topiary on the mantle was a DIY project I shared here.  When we purchased the home, we painted the dated fireplace bricks in “White Dove” by Benjamin Moore and had a carpenter build a custom-mantle surround.


Here is the $5 vintage bar cart we spruced up with a little gold spray paint and some accessories you can read about here.





Cost analysis:

  • Teal Bench-purchased from HomeGoods for $60
  • Jute Rug-Pottery Barn purchased off Craigslist for $75
  • Cane Chairs– Reupholstered ourselves- $40 for the chairs, plus $60 material
  • Wood Side Table-Antique-given to me by my parents
  • Botanical Prints– DIY project using Botanical art from this book that was $1.50 on Amazon and I framed them in frames I already had, spray painted this color.
  • Bar Cart– purchased for $5 from a yard sale, you can read about that DIY project here.
  • Wicker Coffee Table– Free from my generous in-laws
  • French Settee/Bench– $75 off of Craigslist, painted and reupholstered in this post.
  • Yellow Lumbar Pillow– $20 from HomeGoods
  • Matching Yellow and Teal Pillows– I purchased two yards of fabric from Ebay for $9.99 a yard and made the pillows myself using this amazing tutorial for beginner sewers.
  • Sofa– Ikea (no longer sold in stores) was moved from our den into the living room.
  • Fireplace Brass Andirons– Free- given to me as a gift from my in-laws, purchased at an Estate sale.

Other sources:

Paint Color– Manchester Tan from Benjamin Moore, Trim is White Dove from Benjamin Moore

Drapes– Purchased years ago from Pottery barn

Circular Mirrors– Given to me from my mother

Happy Decorating!!!



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