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DIY American Girl Bakery with Craft Store Materials

2nd December 2015


DIY American Girl Bakery with Craft Store Materials


My daughter Sophie has recently taken an interest in American Girl dolls and is asking Santa Claus for the 2015 girl of the year “Grace Thomas.”  Apparently, Grace was motivated to start her own bakery with some friends after a trip to Paris, France.  The American Girl store sells Grace’s adorable French bakery for a wopping $500 and a smaller pastry cart for $150! Since Sophie and I love to bake, I decided to create a budget-friendly version of Grace’s bakery for some fun imaginary play.

For this project I used materials from Michaels craft store and Joanne Fabrics.  


-Half-size unfinished wood crate

-3 square long wood rods from Michaels (see picture below)

-4 rectangular wood boards from Michaels (see picture)

-Small hand saw

-Small screws

-Hot glue gun

-Paint of your choice (I used chalk paint and craft paint)

-Wood plaque


First Mr. Wilson assembled the basic frame of the bakery by attaching two square rods with small screws (using a drill) to each side of the back of the crate.


Then he attached one of the rectangular wood pieces to the top of the rods.  After that, I had him attach another rectangular piece on top of that piece so I could create an awning.


Here’s a side shot of the top and how it was attached to the frame.  Make sure to use small screws so that it does not break the wood when they get drilled.


At this point, my daughter said she wanted some shelves in her bakery and a longer counter to display the baked goods, so I purchased some additional items.  I used the square rod as the base for the shelves by cutting them to the right length using a hand saw and then hot glued them to the inside of the crate so the rectangular boards could sit on top of them as shelves.  I also had to cut off a few inches of the rectangular boards for them to fit horizontally in the crate.  

Lastly, I drilled the long plaque to the top of the crate to create a longer bakery counter…and yes I used a handsaw and drill myself…girl power!  My confidence with power tools is at an all-time high right now because all of my appendages are still intact after this project!


After the bakery was assembled, I painted it with a horrific shade of pepto pink and then was really questioning how this project was going to turn out.  So I decided to use some gray, white and black paint to create a marbled effect on the counter to break-up all the pink.  The awning is just black and white striped cardstock paper that I folded to create a canopy effect and hot-glued to the top wood piece.diy-american-girl-doll-bakery

Here is a close-up of how the shelves were assembled.  I styled the counter and shelves with a few chalkboard easels and plaques that I found at Michaels.  The play bakery food I found on Amazon. dig-american-girl-doll-bakery


The little dessert stands are made from mirrors I got at Joanne Fabrics glued onto the plastic pillars that are used between layers of cakes.  You can find them here and the mirrors here. I painted them with acrylic craft paint.





I can’t wait for Christmas to come so that Sophie can play with her new Grace doll and pretend bakery.



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