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Furniture Thrifting Friday- French Loveseat

11th December 2015


Furniture Thrifting Friday- French Loveseat

Because I love finding antique and vintage furniture to makeover, I decided to designate Friday as the day to share my awesome finds.  You know how children get so excited when that receive a new toy?  Well that is how I feel when I find a piece of antique furniture.  

Today I am sharing the little antique french loveseat I found on Craigslist this week for $100.  I have been searching Craigslist for a very long time to find a smaller scale loveseat that I can reupholster to fit our multipurpose office space, for some extra seating.   This will be the first larger scale upholstery project that Mr. Wilson and I will take on, and frankly I am a little frightened!  

french loveseat 2

You can see in the photos that the frame of the loveseat is really in excellent shape and really doesn’t need anything done to it, so we may consider leaving it natural and unpainted.

french loveseat 5

french loveseat 3

The cushions and fabric however, look like someone spilled a pot of coffee on it, or a cat peed on it.  Im hoping its not the latter of the two scenarios!


I have ordered a few fabric samples and will let you know when they come in so you can help me select the perfect fabric.  I really want to do something fun with this piece since it will be in our creative office space.  Maybe something like this Navy Polka Dot Alston Loveseat from PBteen?

polka dot loveseat


Have a great weekend!




I really love our current office space/den, which we remodeled a couple years ago.  It is a nice place to do work on the computer, sip my morning coffee and watch the news without my children hearing all the awful things going on in the world.   We have a separate family room that I will reveal at a later date that is designated as our relaxing play room/family space.  I have a two year-old that climbs on everything and can be pretty destructive, so the family room is our safe-haven for him.  

The problem is that during these long winter months in New England, being stuck in one room of the house is pretty restrictive for my toddler.  So I would like to figure out a way to incorporate a children’s area in our current office for him and my other children to color, play and be creative!

Here is what the office looked like when we bought it.  About a year after moving, we painted the walls Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, one of my favorite colors and also painted all the trim and crown molding Dove White by Benjamin Moore.

We also replaced the brown hollow wood door with a french door with glass panels to let some light in.  You can see I have the little french dresser in this space, which is nice for extra storage.  You can read about that makeover here.  

Here is a view of my cluttered desk.  I could use a little more organization for school papers and mail, along with a monthly calendar for writing down important dates.  We could also use storage for craft supplies and coloring books and some shelves to display framed photographs (like the photograph that is just resting on the bookshelf).


I wanted to show you this shot of the drapes that we installed a few years ago, we purchased them from Ikea and they were super-affordable.  If you need drapes and don’t have $$$ to spend, I would suggest looking at Ikea, they have a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

The train table and black leather chair are out for the new design of the room because they are just too large for the space.


Since this room is a creative space for the children, I would like to make the space a little more whimsical and funky than it is currently.  I will do this by bringing in some colorful elements including: playful lighting, artwork and fabrics.

So here is my wish list for this space:

  1. More storage and organization for craft supplies and office items
  2. Toy organization
  3. Small child’s table for crafts
  4. Fun art work
  5. Magnet board or chalkboard wall 
  6. Shelves for displaying framed photographs
  7. A book nook or window seat
  8. A funky lighting fixture and wall sconce for reading nook

Mood Board



  1. Re-purpose an old TV console we have into a window seat or nook by removing legs and adding cushion (my mother in-laws awesome idea)!
  2. Use Ikea curtains we already have for color inspiration
  3. Purchase funky lighting pendant to give the space a little bit of playfulness.
  4. Add a sconce light to illuminate the window seat and/or book nook area.
  5. Utilize existing rug from Overstock.
  6. Move Premiar map from Ikea (currently in my son’s room), into space for a focal point.
  7. Utilize child’s table in the space for coloring/art projects (we purchased this one a while ago from wayfair).
  8. Figure out some other seating for the space by searching Craigslist.

Like other rooms in my house that I have re-designed, I plan on spending a minimal amount of money by re-purposing items that I already own and being creative with money saving solutions!

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