A New Addition to Our Family

2nd January 2016

A New Addition to Our Family

My children, particularly my oldest daughter Sophie has been begging Mr. Wilson and I for a pet for years.  Since my husband is not a cat person, we decided to adopt a new puppy for the family and surprise our children for Christmas. 

I have heard a lot of great things about Goldendoodles including how great they are with children.  After an exhausting amount of phone calls and research into breeders, I finally found one that was located in Massachusetts and had Goldendoodle puppies available for Christmas time.  I drove a hour and fifteen minutes to Morningstar farm located in Royalston,  Mass., to visit with some of the puppies and absolutely fell in love with them.  The breeder did a great job matching us up with a puppy that had a wonderful temperament and would be great with small children (a puppy that was too small or fragile would probably not be a great match for my active toddler).

We surprised them a few days before Christmas with our new puppy Henry!  The kids are loving him and so are Mr. Wilson and I.


It may be a little while until I can tackle my next DIY project, since I am working very hard to get little Henry to go potty outside and NOT in the house!  I will keep you posted on how that goes, but for right now we are enjoying our new family member.


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